Custom Cut Wedding Runner

Custom cut wedding Aisle Runner

White Wedding Aisle Runner

This white wedding aisle runner is truly unique!

The bride and groom of the above wedding aisle runner had a very interesting concept. Their idea was to represent the merging of their families in the physical runner. The merging of the aisle runner was created with two aisle runners merged and bound into one. This created both a runner for the bride and her people as well as another runner for the groom as his family and friends. But it didn’t stop there, the bride and groom wanted their names embedded in a script font on the rug. The aisle runner was white with a black script font. The end of the two runners was bound to a heart shape, where the couple stood for their vows.

The merging, bound heart design perfectly highlighted the merging of these two people and their families. The design had an added benefit, it was really obvious to all the guests which side of the aisle they should site on.

The customizations for this wedding runner included a custom width, length, cuts, binding, and embedding (the second color names).

If you have an idea for your wedding aisle runner let us know and we will make it happen!

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