Red Carpet Rocks!

Red Carpet Rocks

Testimonial and photos sent from Red Carpet Rocks

“Great rug!!!! Thank you!!!!” Urvi Tejani of Red Carpet Rocks

From Red Carpet to Real Life

Red Carpet Rocks is an exclusive collection of demi-fine and luxe costume jewelry available for rent. Their motto is “Why buy when you can rent Red Carpet inspired designer jewelry at a fraction of the cost”.  We recently carpeted their Glass Truck Pop-Up (a pop-up store on wheels).

Carpeting the Glass Truck Pop-Up

The pop-up shop truck is a mobile showroom, a glass wall, walk-in, vehicle that is parked on city streets. The red carpet was not only installed in the truck but on the steps to get into the truck to create a red carpet experience. Check out the photos of this unique store.

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Mobile pop-up stores are a great way to market a new business and get the word out. We’ve found that offering the indoor outdoor carpet runners are even more important for these businesses as they create a business space on the street. Stanchions and ropes are a good idea as well – especially to protect people from moving traffic by creating a barrier.

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If you are looking to carpet a pop-up store or mobile showroom check out our standard and custom rugs for installations to to create an entrance.