Red Runners

red runners made by Event Rugs

Red runners have become synonymous with red carpet events but they are still quite traditional for church wedding aisle runners. And adding a red carpet aisle runner to any event or party can provide a touch of glamour for all who walk on them.

Making Red Carpets for Form and Function

We believe carpet aisle runners provide even more glamour as compared with other thin plastic runners. And you can’t beat the not-so-glamourous functions of keeping guests on a clear walking path, identifying the entrance, and preventing slip and fall incidents. In the photo above you can take a peek at how our red runners are cut and bound in our carpet factory.

Here are some of our red carpets with some smiling faces on them!

If you are looking for a red carpet aisle runner for your wedding or event we carry two shade of red runners in our online shop Рred and crimson. Plus we have many more shades of red in our Pantone color charts (contact for custom color reds).