Making Event Rugs

Some Very Custom Rug Designs

black and white checkers rug and blue, red, orange, and green drop shapes

4 Custom Rug Designs: B&W check, 4 colors, road rug, stars & stripes

This month we’ve been working a number of very different custom rug designs. In the photos, you’ll see some of the complexities and challenges in making these rugs. Our rug design team is very meticulous and takes pride in their work.

Black White Checker Rug
4-Color Custom Rug Designs

In the photo above you’ll see the first 2 rugs – the black & white check on the left and the 5 colors on the right. In the black & white check carpet, you can see the individual pieces of the black rug squares and white rug squares are pieced together. And to the right, the beginnings of a five-color (blue, green, red, orange, and white) custom rug. We’ll try to post a completed photo of that unique rug.

Road Rug
Red, White, & Blue Stars & Stripes

In this second photo we have another two custom rug projects in the works. We’re very happy with the long road rug! The crossing lines really make it look like a road. And in the back of this photo, you can see our unique design on a flowing stars and stripes rug. We’ve done a number of flag rugs but this runner gives the feeling of a flag in the wind. Our clients were very happy with the outcome.

road rug and red white and blue stars rug

We’re hoping our clients will send us photos of the rugs in place.

If you have an event or a gathering with a complete theme that let us know what you’re thinking about and our rug design team will make it!