Wedding Rug Photo Gallery

wedding red carpetCarpets for Weddings

Our Wedding Rug Photo Gallery was created to showcase the types of rugs we've created for weddings!

Wedding Carpet Aisle Runners

Carpet aisle runners are popular for weddings because often the alternative, cloth runners, bunch up and cause slip and fall incidents. Event Rugs carries carpet aisle runners in a wide variety of colors and lengths to suite almost any wedding theme. If your color is not found in the ONLINE STORE, contact us to discuss creating an aisle runner in almost any color to match your theme!

Other types of rugs for weddings

Event Rugs specialized in creating rugs in custom designs, shapes, and sizes. For weddings this could be a custom aisle runner, an outdoor runner, carpets for tent wedding flooring, or for outdoor weddings. Check out the colors and designs in our Wedding Rug Photo Gallery below!

We hope you enjoyed seeing the creative designs in our Wedding Rug Photo Gallery! We enjoyed helping to make the couples’ wedding days special with some of these unique designs and colors.

Walking Down The Aisle on Carpet

If you are looking for a carpet to walk down the aisle carpet aisle or if you need additional ailse runners for your wedding or carpets for a tent wedding look no further, call for more information. More photos in our main Photo Gallery, the Logo Rug Photo Gallery, and Custom Event Rugs Photo Gallery.

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