Custom Blue Pantone 286 Aisle Runner

Seton Hall University Many Are One Awards Gala event rug

The Seton Hall Many Are One Awards Gala

The Director of Alumni Events at Seton Hall University, Jamie Cook, contacted us to create a custom aisle runner for their Awards Gala. In addition to including the college logo and event name “Many Are One”, the rug had to be created in the Pantone 286 color blue.

Jamie’s comments were “this is AMAZING! Thank you so much, I am absolutely stunned by this.”

The Many Are One alumni awards gala is the 32nd annual celebration of alumni that have positively influenced our world. The awards include:

  • The Most Distinguished Alumnus Award,
  • The Humanitarian Award
  • School and College Service Awards

We thought this runner came out so well we added it to our gallery of logo rugs. If you’re interested in a logo rug for a special event, check our Logo Rug Gallery and give us a call.