Not Just Aisle Runners

custom rugs

It’s true, Event Rugs makes standard size carpet aisle runners in a variety of colors that are suitable for many weddings and special events. But many events have different dimensions or event themes that require custom event rugs.

Did you know that we also make Custom Event Rugs?

Custom rugs, carpets, and runners could range from anything from a wedding aisle runner in a unique width or length. Or You might want a basic size aisle runner in a unique color – we can make practically any Pantone color carpet runner!

Temporary or permanent: Most people and businesses come to us for indoor or outdoor rugs for events. But sometimes we create something more lasting for an entryway, logo rug, or … just a keeper!

“Custom” can also mean unique designs with multiple colors and shapes embed in the carpet. Or a unique cut of carpet!

Any Kind of Custom Rug

Did you know that Event Rugs can make practically any type of custom rug?

  • Sizes: Custom lengths and widths
  • Shapes: Custom shapes embed in the carpet or a cut of the carpet
  • Colors: Select from the Pantone chart to match your theme or logo.
  • Designs: Logo rugs, hearts, stripes, words, almost any design is possible.

More custom rugs in our Custom Photo Gallery.

Contact us to find out how we can turn your idea into a custom carpet!