Awards Season: Roll Out The Red Carpet

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The awards season is kicking off!

If you’re planning an awards event you came to the place that can help you roll out the red carpet! We can help you with the runners you need for your red carpet event or if your event has some other theme, we can match the Pantone color or you might find a close enough match in our online store.

Whether your awards ceremonies are being watched on television or hosted locally for smaller groups, the awards season is an exciting time for the planners, the recipients, and for those watching. These are the events that everyone is thrilled to “walk the red carpet”:

  • Well-known award shows like the Oscars and Emmys are famous red carpet events.
  • A plethora of music awards shows, music videos, and film festivals also roll out the red carpet.

The Emmys launched the season back in September and there were a few in October. November is just gearing up with nomination announcements and national and international events planned.

(If you came here by mistake but are interested in awards – check out to see what’s coming down the pike. Entertainment Weekly has a list of dates.)

Red Carpet Award Events

Event Rugs has provided the red carpets for many award events such as the New York City Ballet, the TONY, and MTV Video Music Awards!!!

We’ve also provided red carpets for smaller local school events, sporting events, business presentations, as well as non-profit events. (They tell us ALL award recipients feel even more special when they walk the red carpet.) For these smaller events, you might want to look at the runners that we stock in our online store. They come in varying widths, lengths, and colors. And can be reused or recycled.

So if you are planning an awards ceremony and need a red carpet or another color aisle runner

Contact Event Rugs!

(photo credit at the top – Dynamic Productions – the one stop shop for production support for tours, concerts, meetings, and events!)