Create Your Own Red Carpet Runway

red carpet runway


Event Rugs supplied the red carpet that helped create this fabulous red carpet runway.

If you are planning a fashion show or pageant and want the effect of a catwalk or walking the red carpet you can create the effect with the help of a red carpet aisle runner.

This particular client of ours (in the photo above) pulled out all the stops and created a red carpet runway with a photo backdrop and a curtained off section for the behind the scenes activity.

DIY: If you are looking to create a similar effect but don’t have the budget, we have created countless carpet runways on the floor, i.e. without a stage or platform. They look great and can be just as exciting!

fall fashion orange aisle runner

Tips for your Runway Walkers

You have the platform and the red carpet for your event, now you need to make sure your runway walk is fun and successful. Here are some tips to tell your models or event guests:

  1. Posture – Walk tall. Stomach in, shoulders back, chest out.
  2. Don’t exaggerate – Walk natural, no need to exaggerate your walk.
  3. Swing your arms – Again, walk natural and let your arms swing naturally.
  4. Eyed Straight Ahead – Don’t look down.
  5. Music – If there is music, let it motivate your walk.
  6. End and Turn – When you walk to the end of the runway, pause slightly as you turn to go back.

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