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Making logo rugs and aisle runners for schools and their special events.

Logo Rugs and Aisle Runners

It’s back to school time for pre-school, Kindergarten, elementary school, high school, colleges, and other schools. As the inclement weather approaches and fall and winter events draw near schools are thinking about the multi-purpose use of rugs for schools and their events.

Event Rugs has created logo rugs, runners, and special event rugs for all kinds of schools across the country. Many schools use the rugs and runners for capital campaign events while others use them for more functional purposes such as  entry mats to minimize slip and fall incidents.

Here are some of the schools we’ve worked with.

rugs for schools Seton Hall runner logo rug - school capital campaign rugs

rugs for schools - music school logo rug runner

If you need a rug, runner, or entry mat for your school or educational institution
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