Event Rugs in the Pink!

Pink Aisle Runners with Hearts and Stripes

These custom aisle runners were designed for two very different occasions. However, both include custom shades of pink and custom designs.

pink arrowThe runner in the photograph above was recently completed by our rug binders. The custom runner has two shades of pink carpet with a diagonal stripes in the design.

pink arrow downThe runner below is a gorgeous white aisle runner with intermittent pink hearts embedded along the path.

aisle runner white with pink hearts


If you have an event or special occasion that has a pink theme you can select one of our standard pink runners, custom pink color runners, or like in the photos above create the design of your choice.

Check out our standard pink runners in our online shop
We carry two shades of pink; Posh Pink and Pinata Pink.

Our custom color rugs come in any shade of pink in the Pantone color chart.

A custom design runner is only limited by your imagination!
Ask us about some of the other pink creations we’ve created.

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