Recruiting and Blue Runners

Recruiting event rug

Put your best foot forward when looking for a job.
Walk the blue runners at this Dress for Success event.

dress for success event rug - blueDress for Success Event

Recruiting event to show how to dress for success!

The recruiting firm, Bolywelch, held a Dress for Success fashion show to highlight the latest trends in dressing for success. Dressing appropriately for the job interview can and will set the stage for career advancement.

Gone are the days of women wearing skirt suits with white blouses and small ties or scarves in contrasting colors. As these models walked down the stunning blue carpet runway they show how many different styles of dress can be appropriate and exude confidence.

Bolywelch further helped guests feel empowered by having a similar blue aisle runner at the entrance so they too could walk the runway.

Dressings for the Event

The lobby, registration, and fashion show all looked their best with these light blue aisle runners, silver drapes, and stunning flower arrangements.

Need a blue event runner?

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